I Just Can’t Find The Words


One of the hardest things to articulate, can be to express how we feel.

Emotions can be like waves lapping gentle against the shore and they can be like a tsunami crashing and pushing everything else out of the way and then they can be this indescribable sensation that makes us behave that doesn’t make sense of who we are or who we want to be.

Clean Language as a questioning technique gives you access to questions that help you pay attention to those sensations by asking questions like; Where is that feeling? Does that feeling have a shape or size? Is that feeling inside or outside? That feeling is like what? Continue reading I Just Can’t Find The Words

A Pathway to Peace

A pathway to peace






This week I was very honored to share space with a gentlemen who will remain anonymous but for whom I am really grateful to have met.

We met just 4 months ago at a local networking event. He instantly resonated with something I had said in my 60 seconds and we arranged to a call to chat some more.

Three sessions later we were sat in my office celebrating the change he had achieved.

I asked; “What was happening for you when we met?

He said “I felt lost and in a place I didn’t want to be. I didn’t know where to go or where to turn. The future felt hopeless and I could not see the light at the end of the tunnel. Then the universe put you in front of me” Continue reading A Pathway to Peace

I Just Don’t Want To Talk About It

I Just Don’t Want To Talk About It











We often hear people say it is good to talk; but sometimes it really isn’t. Sometimes it is best for us to take time to clarify our thoughts before we speak and yet so many tell us to talk about how we feel. Some like me talk to think; and others think to talk.

External processors

For the external processors like me it is often quite useful to talk out what we are thinking but the person listening needs to have a thick skin. They need to be able to listen to things without taking them personally. They need to be able to listen without judging that I am waffling and not getting to the point fast enough or complaining that what I am saying makes no sense. I am not talking for you to understand; I am talking for me to do understand. I am quite often metaphorically sorting through my thoughts and all I need is for someone to ask questions and repeat back something I have said to help me notice what I am actually saying. But it doesn’t work to interrupt and correct me. Continue reading I Just Don’t Want To Talk About It

Many Rooms Within Us

many rooms within us











The Listening Experience

One of the most amazing rewards of being a trained listener is that I get to listen to some amazing people; who have the most amazing resources within them. As they tap into their inner wisdom the words flow and sometimes they are their own words; sometimes they are words from something they have read or heard that captures how they feel; other times they cannot be sure of the source only that the words make sense of their own experience now in this moment.

You may have read my recent article called “You welcomed me” written by one of my clients who wishes to remain anonymous. Continue reading Many Rooms Within Us

Necessity versus Nicety – Goal Setting That Works For You

Necessity versus Nicety – Goal Setting That Works For You












I am sure like me and many others before us, you have decided on goals, written them down and maybe even made a beautiful vision board and produced a beautiful step by step plan and then nothing happens and so nothing changes.

Ironically so many then think planning is a waste of time when in fact the process of vision boards and planning are not the problem – instead it is how you decided on the goals in the first place.

Many blame time for not taking action but that is rarely the truth. What is happening is that we make a decision to use our time for something else; but sadly it is rarely a conscious decision. Instead it is driven by our subconscious thoughts and feelings that drive our behaviour. Continue reading Necessity versus Nicety – Goal Setting That Works For You

What Motivated Me To Write A Book To Build My Business?

What Motivated Me To Write A Book To Build My Business












I would like to say that it was a well thought out business decision. But the reality is that I had always wanted to write ‘a’ book. I had this yearning deep down inside that said I was meant to write.

But then something held me back from acting on that desire. My critic worried that I would make a fool of myself. My critic said what if no one buys it. My critic worried I would get  in debt and focused on how much it would cost rather than the difference it would make to me both emotionally, physically and financially. Continue reading What Motivated Me To Write A Book To Build My Business?

Can Marshmallows And Cinnamon Buns Improve Productivity?

Can Marshmallows And Cinnamon Buns Improve Productivity











Marian Jones – IT Project Manager, writer and self confessed introvert shares her tools and resources from now to wow..

As an introvert my home is my sanctuary, and it got me thinking about space and ambiance and I found myself asking the question: Does it really matter?

With the weather definitely turning more autumnal, my favourite space for recharging is definitely curled up in front of a roaring fire surrounded by candlelight. However, since I have been working with my coach  Sheryl Andrews, I have started to explore what else about that space makes it my favourite place. Continue reading Can Marshmallows And Cinnamon Buns Improve Productivity?

10 Things I Want To Achieve In My Life Time

I am doing some real soul searching this week to make sure that all my current decisions are in line with my vision, mission and purpose.

I had written this list before and yet as I read it today there were some edits. I would love to share my thinking with you simply so you know a little about me and what matters to me. Then I would love to know what matters to you.


Continue reading 10 Things I Want To Achieve In My Life Time

I Will Never Do It, It’s Too Hard

One of the many things I love about the Women’s Business Club is the monthly speakers and this month did not fail.

Lynda Taverner from Raindancers joined us to talk about ‘Believe’. In front of each of us we had been given a card with statements that many of Lynda’s clients say. Things like:

“I will never do it, it’s too hard” or “Why can’t I do it as well as my friend”  Continue reading I Will Never Do It, It’s Too Hard

How To Conquer The Time Monster?

One of the most common causes for overwhelm is the fear of not having enough time. It can create this massive monster in our mind and before we know it all we ever seem to say is “I don’t have time.”

Our thinking can become consumed with how little time we have rather than with productive and effective thinking about how we can maximise the time we have.

Time in my experience is not the problem and it is more our perception of time in relation to our desired outcomes that is the culprit.

When we lack clarity of what we want, why we want it, what works for us and how long it will take we often get consumed with indecision and procrastination quickly follows. That can often mean we don’t have any sense of progress because it feels like nothing has been achieved and so the spiral of the time monster continues. Continue reading How To Conquer The Time Monster?