Why Is Christmas A Trigger?

Christmas is always intended to be a time for joy, laughter and connection and yet for many it can be a time of triggers and frustrations.

So why is Christmas a trigger? 

For those that know my line of work – you know that I work with you to gain clarity of what you want and the confidence to ask for it.

Your 5 senses are processing information all of the time and it is your 5 senses that are used to recall memories.

And sometimes memories are triggered involuntary because of the association with certain smells, tastes or touch. It could be the sound or tone of something or someone that triggers a thought. You might be aware that certain words or epxressions push your buttons and annoy or frustrate you and for some the response is one that cannot be explained with words. You know those moments when you respond emotionally and even you know that the response is not rationally. Continue reading Why Is Christmas A Trigger?