Overwhelm, Sensitivity To Criticism, Divorce and Christmas

IMG_2135I came across this article today from Emma The Divorce Alchemist. 5 Steps for surviving Christmas as a divorced women. This is a great article and I recommend you chat to Emma if you need practical support through divorce. Emma is your go to person for legal advice and emotional support if you are a women who has left or wants to leave your husband.

This article also inspired me to write about overwhelm and sensitivity to criticism at this time of year.

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Fast Forward Your Business

WD-LogorevisedwebIn September 2015 I was invited to an Andy Harrington event called Stand and Deliver. I was curious because I want to help more people and I want to make a bigger difference without neglecting my own family.

Whilst much of my approach was working, it needed to work better. I felt stuck and on my own and I needed a new way of looking at the same problem. My way alone was not enough.

I learned a lot that day about myself and Andy challenged my beliefs and made me consider which of my values might have to change to take my business and my life to the next level. I hadn’t even considered that my values could change which was learning in itself.


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