What Will Your Story Be In 2016 ?

At the beginning of the year, in fact I started on the 30th December – I produced a video every day for 10 days to share what I know and what is happening for me to plan at my best for success.


Here is the first video if you didn’t see it and if you did but you still have not actioned it, hopefully this will act as a reminder.

How did you get on with the exercise?

What will your story be for 2016?

What are the great bits of 2015 that you really should share to inspire others?

Is writing and publishing your book on your list?

If so, let me remind you that today is the last day to get the early bird discount for the Planning and Writing workshop on 6 and 7 February (aka our mini writing retreat!).

Taking place in the beautiful waterside location of Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth, Hampshire with Karen Willliams I will give you time to join a small group of like-minded people who are ready to get their book written and published this year.

There is something about the energy of a group that can create so much more. Clarity, confidence and a shift that just isn’t possible on your own or even with one to one coaching.

Are you ready to get really clear on your message?

Who your book is for?

What your reader will get from reading it?

All these questions are vital if you want your book to become an effective marketing tool.

On this retreat you will be mapping out your reader’s journey and where you can take them next.

You’ll get techniques to plan your book before you write it.

As one of Karen’s clients reminded her earlier this week, an effective plan will stop you from going off at irrelevant tangents and help you to write your book quickly and easily.

When each chapter has a purpose, it will be a better read too.

On this retreat their will also be time to write and I will be there to support those who find their head getting in the way of action. Perhaps you can’t get your thoughts in line, or your fear out of the way or simple the gremlin that says who are you to write a book?

I will be there to support you through a simple process to set you up for success that you will be able to repeat time and time again.

This two days will help you get started, develop new habits and get your ‘stuff’ out of your head.

We’ll also work back from your launch date with individual milestones, so that you can see how you can make it happen.

In addition, Karen will share tips on:

  • How to get published
  • How to create a buzz about your book now before you’ve finished it ( you might have noticed me doing this :-))
  • And strategies to overcome blocks that might get in your way.

And that reminds me… As a thank you for booking, you’ll also get access to the ‘Manage your Critic’ programme for free – a 21 day intensive to discover why the critic happens and what you can do to manage it.

This is a great offer and for everyone that signs up you will get a wealth dynamics profile which will show you how to create the right support network to make things happen.

Are you ready to make it happen this year?  And if not now, when…?

I do hope you can join us and here’s the link to book your place.

Alternatively if writing a book is not on your wish list this year but conquering sensitivity to criticism is then please don’t miss Manage Your Critic starting 11th January at 1pm

Kind Regards



The Strength and Solution Detective