A Year To Love My Body

One of the 7 steps to clarity is T – Trust.

Trust your own process and take your own advice

Since writing my book I have been forced, to be so much more aware of my own process and the advice I give others. I now proactively stop and listen to my own wisdom with the aim to take that advice myself.

Instead of projecting my wisdom on others with words and instructions, I aim to embed it, embrace it and be it.

In this weeks Motivational Monday I talk about my reflections on a question that took me 6 years to answer: Continue reading A Year To Love My Body

How To Make Your Dreams A Reality?

Today I want to share my process to make things happen.

Over the years I have been known for my motivation and my ability to inspire change in others.

So what does it take to make something happen? Below is my process and the video to one of my recent Live Training sessions in the Manage Your Critic Group which has been getting some great reviews.

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Why Goal Setting Doesn’t Work Without Reflection?

The truth is that goal setting and thinking positively on it’s own won’t work because it only provides one of the 3 perspectives.

It is purely focused on the future and what you want but doesn’t remind your critic of what you have or what has worked in the past.

Resulting in many people setting goals feeling like they are starting from scratch when so often they are so much nearer to their goal than they realise.

They also neglect to remember things that have worked for them before so that don’t maximise existing skills, resources or strategies they already have.

This can result in fear and overwhelm rather than motivation or excitement when considering your goals.

This is okay if you are a bit of an adrenaline junky, but generally not so good for your nervous system or sense of well being and your critic can have a lot to say about it. Whether that is your own inner critic with words of self doubt or your peers who infer it is not possible.  Continue reading Why Goal Setting Doesn’t Work Without Reflection?