Why I Work When On Holiday?

sunset day 1Many of my friends and family think there is something is wrong with me because I work on holiday. When I have talked to them it is because for them work is work, and home is home and holiday’s are holidays – all thoughts relating to them are very neatly organised in their very own seperate boxes. Putting things in boxes can be a great strategy and it definitely works for many situations. In fact it works for Mark my husband. Continue reading Why I Work When On Holiday?

BNI Is So Painful!

Communication Training HampshireI joined BNI  October 2012 having moaned and groaned about it for several years prior. My inner critic was definitely not on board when I visited a chapter in 2009. The critic was saying, “it is too strict, too formal and too whatever.”

Now 2 years on I have been the Chapter Director among a number of other roles at BNI Uplands I even met the Founder Ivan Misner at the BNI conference in 2013 and yet has it been easy? No it has been painful, truly painful.

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Two Clients Produce 15% of Our Business?

Are you listening to your customers?

How To Improve your Listening skills

Belinda Butler of Pazzazz Me joined Step by Step Listening as a client in July 2011 introduced by Ros.  Belinda and Ros combined have now generated almost 15% of our business.

Belinda was and in fact still is a highly driven and passionate business person and a single mum to two beautiful girls. When I met her she was juggling 3 Continue reading Two Clients Produce 15% of Our Business?

What Are Your Motivators?

how to improve listening skillsThe biggest advantage of improving your listening skills is that you can start to notice patterns and develop greater understanding of what works for you and what doesn’t. In this article I want to share with you a tool that really empowered me to hear and understand what my motivators are.

Do you know what motivates you?

Do you know what de-motivates you?

I was really surprised to find that in fact the solution for me was in understanding more about what de-motivated me.

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