The Power of Pronouns

how to improve listening skills

Working, learning and living with others is dependent on us having clarity of what want and the confidence to ask for it. And yet no matter how much you might practice what you are going to say or think before you speak somehow you can still be misunderstood.

When I am working with clients I notice language patterns and ask questions of specific words to help them gain clarity and insight. Sometimes they are not actually saying what they mean.

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Standing Tall – An Introverts Perspective

Over the years I have worked with extroverts that talk fast and rapid and end up exhausted because no matter how many different ways they express themselves they still cannot get themselves heard and understood.

I have worked with introverts who get frustrated that by the time they have formulated an answer the conversation has moved on.

Whatever your natural way of processing and making sense of the world, it can be challenging to find your voice and speak with clarity and confidence all of the time.  Continue reading Standing Tall – An Introverts Perspective