Amazon Promotion 21st April 2017

At last after many failed attempts ‘Manage your critic – From Overwhelm to Clarity in 7 steps’ is finally on Amazon. To celebrate the fact I am having an Amazon Launch on the 21st April and I am giving away some really special offers to anyone who buys a copy on that actual day.

You can find out more here – Amazon Launch Offers

And I need help. I have set up a series of emails with prompts and suggested posts. If you are willing and able to make the Amazon Launch a success you can help in a number of ways, from:

  • sending one text to a friend you think would benefit from the book
  • Leaving a review
  • Sending emails to your friends
  • Posts on social media
  • Sharing my posts
  • Watching out for #MYCAmazon2017, share comment and like on the 21st April.

If you are able to help and would value some ideas and reminders please leave your details below

Are You Constantly Asking For Or Inviting The Wrong Kind Of Support?

I am currently attending a Global Social Change Leadership Programme with Gifew.

I am always looking to have some kind of personal development and learning in my diary otherwise I feel like I get stuck. So for the past few Sundays I have spent 6pm to 8pm listening to global change makers and this week our mentor was  Jazz Rasool. There were many things that I took away but one thing that really helped me was to think of our needs for support as vitamins. Things that we need daily and whilst missing the odd day doesn’t hurt – long term absence would result in deficiency. Jazz refers to them as Social Vitamins that we require to collaborate effectively with our selves and others.

Social Vitamins Continue reading Are You Constantly Asking For Or Inviting The Wrong Kind Of Support?