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how to have more fun in businessWhat was happening just before you decided to work with step by step listening?

My 18 year old son had dropped out of life and although work was going well it was slow.

Which sessions have you experienced?

I attended one to one’s for about 18 months via telephone which were a welcome chance to take time out for me, to explore my thoughts and work out what I needed to do now for my business/family/myself. They allowed me to gain clarity, confidence and insight.

I also attended Power Groups by phone which allowed me to work on my stuff in my own space and it was great to hear that everyone had something that worries them. It was useful to listen to the process of understanding, whilst working through my own thoughts.

Motivate manage and mentor was a great opportunity to learn how to help others help themselves. It was great to have the chance to practice asking solution and strength focused questions with others to gain understanding of their use and power.

What happened? What were the results of the sessions?

At work: 
I have confidence that the methods that have helped me be successful for 11 years are the right ones for me and that I don’t need to change to be like others.  I have also seen areas that I have maybe neglected and have seen the benefit in working on those.  Within 2 months I had 3 more leaders in my personal team and was much closer to my business goal.
At home: 
I have looked at what my son needs to grow and what I can do to aid that.  Letting go has been hard and emotional; but the results have been amazing –  almost immediately the atmosphere at home softened and my son will now eat and chat with us, join us at family events, ask for guidance or help and has started to take more responsibility.
I am much more relaxed – this was actually pointed out to me by a good friend who at that time didn’t know I had been taking part in one to one sessions, but has now done some training herself! I do feel that I can let things go without feeling responsible for everyone else’s life!

If you were to recommend this programme to a friend what would you say to them:

I have recommended this programme to many friends who have taken my advice and signed up.  I say to them that “it is time for you to explore your own solutions, no-one dictating to you what you can and can’t do – but finding out for yourself by hearing your own words and exploring what your words mean to you”.



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