Why Is Why Such a Difficult Question To Answer?

start with whyI am currently listening to the audio book “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek.

And I have been spending this week really listening to myself and tuning into my why and already I can feel a momentum building up inside that is driving me forward to do more of what I love.

My clarity and confidence to keep taking the next step and the next step is growing in energy like a steam train as it starts to pull out of the station.  I am loving this experience. And yet it wasn’t an easy question to answer. Continue reading Why Is Why Such a Difficult Question To Answer?

The Power Of Clarity

I’ve always considered myself to be a confident and determined person and like to think that I’ve been successful in anything I have put my mind to, so when we started our marketing business, I never considered for one moment that this would be any different.

Even though I never meant to go into marketing as a full time role.

Infact, we have an ecommerce business and I decided to train in marketing to understand how to promote this business more successfully. Continue reading The Power Of Clarity

Stop Walking on Egg Shells & Get Out Of Drama?

Families fall apart and businesses crumble when you cannot have an honest conversation about the way you feel.

For many of you I am sure you have tried and tried and you just don’t know how else you can approach it.

I bet you have tried so hard to say what you think and every time it ends up back at the same place with someone being offended or upset.

And maybe you have never asked for what you want and everything is based on an assumption or story you are making up in your head about what they might say or do if you speak up. Continue reading Stop Walking on Egg Shells & Get Out Of Drama?