Do Numbers Motivate You Or Terrify You?

52 days until I am 50 years old.

It is interesting as I listen to all kinds of stories of how different people respond to or react to a ‘BIG’ birthday.


Personally I am really looking forward to this next transition. As I become more curious about the power of the universe and how I can get what I ask for – I am being very clear I want to live to 100 and so that means at 50 I am only half way.

I am also marking this day as a day to step into the whole of me fully.

To fully embrace the whole of who I am and who I want to be.  Continue reading Do Numbers Motivate You Or Terrify You?

No More Excuses

Having dreamed of writing a book for years and finally becoming a published author last year, I decided to use the book launch as a catalyst for change.

With this in mind I set myself a massive challenge this year to raise £20,000 for my chosen charities.

As the year comes to an end I have ‘only’ raised £2426. I started to feel I had run out of time and I found myself more and more frustrated with my lack of motivation and commitment to the goals.  Continue reading No More Excuses

No One Should be Too Scared To Ask For Help…

It doesn’t matter whether you are a male or female – rich or poor it would seem we can all get a little uncomfortable when it comes to asking for help.

This years charity campaign ends 2nd Dec 2017 on the anniversary of the launch of my book “Manage Your Critic”. I really didn’t like admitting that I had, in someway failed and yet when I did reach out and ask for help – the magic started to happen.

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What Happens In Spain Stays In Spain..I Don’t Think So!!

As we sat around the table near the pool on the final night of this years writing retreat the ladies shared what had happened for them during their stay with us.

Each lady talked, and everyone listened intently and then something happened. It is hard to describe but there was that moment when everyone seemed to consciously aware of what had been achieved. 4 books with the wisdom of these 4 woman had been developed and shared and in doing so a connection hard to describe had been made. What followed was moments of true joy represented with both tears and hysterical laughter. Continue reading What Happens In Spain Stays In Spain..I Don’t Think So!!

How To Be A Lady That Leaves..

how to be a lady who leaves As some of you may or may not know I am a lady that left. After several years of saying if I am this unhappy this New Year I am leaving, I was reminded by a close family member on his side of the family that I had been saying that for four years. She then asked “So when are you leaving?”

Like so many people when they are stuck with a life changing decision it can be paralysing. I knew something had to change and yet no matter how much I tackled the commotion in my head I could not gain clarity and confidence in my own mind.

My critic anced around the drama triangle. One minute I took the victim stance feeling like it was all my fault, then I took rescuer, usually on behalf of my children I felt I should stay and make it work or I would make excuses for his behaviour and with my friends and nearest and dearest I would be persecuting him and sometimes myself for not having the courage to leave. Continue reading How To Be A Lady That Leaves..

How Is Your Environment Impacting Your Clarity & Confidence?

In this video Roger Hamilton talks through 5 energies:

    • Dynamo – represented by the element wood and the season Spring and the question what?
    • Blaze – represented by the element fire and the season Summer and the question who?
    • Tempo – represented by the element earth and the season Autumn and the question where or when?
    • Steel – represented by the element metal and the season Winter and the question how?
    • Spirit – represented by the element water and the question why?

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What Is The Difference Between A Silent Retreat & Sponsored Silence?

Day 2 – Today I am working from home. My PA Tracey is in the office from 9am to 12 noon and then my cleaner will arrive 2pm to 5pm.  Today I am silent from 4.32am when I woke to 4.32 pm.

With no social media from 9am to 9pm.

It has been interesting since the very first silent retreat on the 28th January to explore what the expectations are of a silent retreat. As I sit here now and write I am all alone and yet the environment is far from silent. The workman are cleaning our drive out front with a pressure cleaner and there is the dull throbbing from the motor continuously pumping.

My intention

When I set up this challenge I did it because I had heard of silent retreats and thought, “Wow that must be bliss”.  And over the years I have been accused  of ‘talking too much’ that a little part of me wanted to prove to myself, and them that I can and do stay quiet for quite long periods of time Continue reading What Is The Difference Between A Silent Retreat & Sponsored Silence?

What Are Your Assumptions Costing You? Day 1 Sponsored Silence

Today I spent Father’s day with my husband and 4 of our 5 children at the beach in silence. Well I was silent,  they weren’t. As they chatted and chuckled I joined with mime and gestures but no words.

Today was part of a 5 day commitment to be silent for 12 hours per day to complete my goal of 100 hours of silence this year – to raise money and awareness of those in our communities that are silenced due to  judgements and assumptions. And as I share my findings I am constantly reminded that we are all guilty of this in every day life. We make assumptions that cost us business and relationships time and time again.

12 Hours Starts Now Continue reading What Are Your Assumptions Costing You? Day 1 Sponsored Silence