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What was happening before Step by Step Listening?

Having heard about Step by step listening and getting to know Sheryl I was intrigued to learn more. I was never really sceptical about the process, because I love learning and I love to understand how people learn and do things, but I was very, very surprised at how engaged I have become with the process, and how more intrigued I’ve become with it, because of the way you delivered it.

What was happening for me personally before working with you?

  • I was not feeling great at this point and identified I need some support in finding a clear direction moving forward
  • I was in a job that I was passionate about succeeding in but was feeling worn down by the ways of working and the environment I was working in. The daily commute took me away from my family and was impacting my health.
  • I was looking to find a solution which would work moving forward and I was considering:
    • Having to change jobs
    • Find a better way of working with my current employer which worked for all whilst exploring other opportunities to give me a future exit strategy, which was just not feasible with the current working conditions.
    • Or going out and doing something for myself by setting up my own business

What I was really looking for was clarity because my procrastination over the decision making process was affecting my home life and personally I just wasn’t feeling myself and I was tired.

I knew I needed to change, but I didn’t know how to get to that change, so I was really looking for some support to get to that point.

What kind of sessions did you attend?

I initially did the 30 day Clarity Confidence and Change programme which involved:

  • Pre session clarity workbook
  • 2 hours one to one session at Sheryl’s home office
  • Weekly accountability for 4 weeks
  • 30 minute laser phone call

And I have now signed up for regular clarity sessions over the next 9-12 months.

What happened?

The programme for me was fantastic.  The initial two hour clarity session was a real eye opener.

I remember going into the initial clarity session not wanting to change the way I was or come out a different person. I just wanted to:

  • Understand a little bit more about how I needed to be to come to the right conclusion and take myself in the right direction
  • Work out how I plan and deliver that best

What became very clear, very quickly was that in order to get to that place, I needed to spend some time working out:

What makes me, me?

What is the right direction for me?

What happened as a result of being in that session was a bit of a gob-smack moment when I came away thinking it wasn’t as simple as it looks, which made me realise it was not just a case of make a decision and go for it.

It was well worth reflecting and understanding how I learn things and how this influences my decisions before making the right decision and moving forward. The strength and solution questions do really make me think and I certainly was able to take my thinking to another level.

The weekly accountability was also very unique. You were flexible and challenged me to communicate in a way that worked for me, safe in the knowledge you would say if it was not working for you.

It was great to be able to send my response via audio sound bite which saved me so much time and angst as I would have written and re written the response over and over again.

That said I have also learned the value of seeing my goals/words written down and having them to refer to.

Now I know the value of both audio and written I can decide in the moment which is more important

And it was great to use the 30 minute laser session to mentally set myself up for the meeting I consequently had with my boss about my contract.

What happened?

The whole process encouraged me to understand how to best:

  • Set expectations
  • Be accountable to myself
  • To explain to people how I learn and what I need to work at my best with them

This has already in just 30 days started to really make a massive difference.

  • I am now working in a different environment e.g. mainly from home
  • I have negotiated the kind of work I do and the projects I will get involved with going forward
  • I am working on an exit strategy with my employee to allow me to support their growth and set my own business up

This programme has given me the confidence and respect to do that and now I am able to spend more time with my daughter Hollie and wife and have time for the gym so I feel  better and healthier. This in turn empowers me and makes me more confident about doing more things.

Wow if that is the pre journey set up then I guess I am at the start of a very exciting journey and I look forward to you helping me to keep it going forward.

In addition to that I would just like to add that processes like Clean Language can be a bit strange, and leave you a little bit confused at times, but actually that’s the point, because you need to give a genuine answer and sometimes that does require digging a little deeper into your memory banks.

I really enjoyed this way of learning about myself and your approachability makes the whole process very easy to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.


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