Craving A Deeper Sense Of Connection

Craving A Deeper Sense Of Connection











Are you craving a deeper sense of connection with self and others?

I talk to my clients and myself; about listening for and being consciously aware of the negative niggles. You know those under breath thoughts or throw away comments.

I am not sure if it is my age (51) and the fact my family are all grown up, or that the business is starting to take shape and my team can manage lots of things on my behalf or that I have had a number of bereavements recently but I do know that I am wanting more from my relationships. I don’t get pleasure from idle chat about the weather.

I want deep meaningful conversations. My mind is craving the learning and understanding. Now I am lucky every day I get to work with wonderful people who give me access to their beautiful minds and soul. I learn so much about them and feel entirely honored.

But that is often very one way. I am usually facilitating a session and whilst I love hearing about how different people:

  • Gain clarity
  • Build Confidence
  • Manage change
  • Make decisions
  • Talk about time
  • Plan
  • Listen
  • Question
  • Process feedback

I am wanting something more. I want to be in the group not just facilitating the session for others. (don’t panic I am not stopping my retreats – I love them and they are powerful spaces for transformation) But I do crave something more and I was wondering if anyone was feeling the same.

When I found my critic muttering something along the lines of “I don’t feel very connected” I started to think what do I mean by that?

When I talk to my clients about the 3 C’s; I talk about the importance of:

  • Curiosity
  • Chatting with purpose
  • Conscious thinking

I know my thoughts impact my emotions and my emotions impact how I react or respond. So, I make it a habit to be conscious of the thoughts I am having. I sometimes call this nurturing the negative niggles or turning frustration into fascination.

Personally, I feel really resourced and supported right now and I feel very grateful to be in this position. It wasn’t always the case. I often had support but didn’t feel supported. I knew I was loved but didn’t feel loved. And I notice a similar pattern emerging today. I know I am connected but I don’t feel connected.

I find if I can explore with like minded people their experience it often gives me insights outside my own awareness and that is when I feel connected, ironically. When I am learning, growing and expanding.

With this in mind I am keen to create an online personal development group and/or live face to face sessions here in Hampshire UK, where we can explore things like connection to self and others.

I imagine a simple format.

  • Introduction to each other and the theme for the month
  • Then breakout into groups of 3 with questions to guide the facilitation of each other’s thoughts
  • Group sharing of our insights and close

Is this something that would be of interest to you?

I am imagining about £25 per person per session.

What are you thoughts?

Sheryl Andrews – The Strength and Solution Detective

Author of Manage Your Critic – From Overwhelm to Clarity in 7 Steps and soon to be published Do, Delegate or Ditch – Developing your confidence to ask for help and get it.

Sheryl Andrews is the Founder of Step by Step Listening, and has always been able to create space where other people felt safe to speak their truth no matter what that was. She is well known for her ability to listen, question and give evidence based feedback that turns any overwhelm into a clarity and confidence that they can turn their dreams into reality.

But what many didn’t know is that in private behind closed doors she was not always able to do that for herself, she was fearful of upsetting others and often did not ask for her own needs to be met. She was no stranger to lapses in self belief and an overwhelming sense of not being good enough. That was until she learned to take her own advice, when she wrote the book Manage your Critic – From Overwhelm into Clarity in 7 Steps she became consciously aware of what she did for others but wasn’t applying to her own life.

Sheryl now runs retreats and online group coaching course that provide you with a safe to speak space where you can unravel what is really holding you back. For more updates and the latest blogs please do sign up here for Free Success without stress newsletter

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Sheryl Andrews, Founder of Step by Step Listening, is well known for her fast speaking and highly motivational passion. But what many of you may not know is that in private behind closed doors she was also no stranger to challenging conversations, lapses in self belief and an overwhelming sense of not being good enough. Sheryl used to find it difficult to speak up and have her needs met despite the fact she could and would encourage everyone else to do exactly that. A series of 3 events in her personal life forced her to stop and learn how to take her own advice. Today, Sheryl runs retreats and one to one sessions resourcing you to do more of what you love, delegate what you don't and ditch the critic that says you can't. Sheryl openly shares an easy to adopt communication tool kit that will transform the way you think, feel and understand those around you. Sheryl will be your strength and solution detective until you have fully trained your inner critic and those around you, to listen in a way that motivates and inspires you.

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